Convention Bid

District 37 Convention Bid Form

This form must be received by the District Governor, 30 days prior to the current year convention. The approval/non-approval of the bid will be made at the current year district convention.

    Bid for Year:
    Bidding Club(s):
    If this bid is being jointly made by more than one Lions club, please list all clubs as bidding clubs.

    Convention Headquarters:
    Convention Chairperson:
    Note: All correspondence will be sent to the Chairperson

    Chairperson’s mailing address:
    Phone Number:

    Number of full service...

    Motel Rooms: Meeting Rooms:

    Location and seating capacity for the following activities:

    Activity Capacity Location
    Business Sessions
    Friday Night Social
    District Governors' Banquet

    What makes your area attractive as a District Convention site? Please note items of interest in and around your community.

    Organizational support has been obtained from:

    Other Lions Clubs:
    Other Clubs:
    Levels of Government:
    Chamber of Commerce/Board of Trade:
    Travel and/or Convention Bureau:

    Describe the convention experience of the Chairperson and others.

    Bid submitted by:
    Host Club(s):

    Attach copy of minutes of club meeting where the motion was passed authorizing this bid.