Montana District 37 Policy Manual

We strive to remain transparent about our organizational structure, budget policies, project endorsements, and other policies and procedures that drive how our district operates.

Lions Brochure Builder Tool

Add your club details and images to create a custom printable brochure for your Lions Club. No design experience or software necessary!

Other Documents

Club Officer Training Videos

All Club Officers
Trainer: PDG Mike Collins

Club President
Trainer: DG Mike Tobin

Club Secretary
Trainer: Lion Peggy Tobin

Club Treasurer
Trainer: PDG Mike Collins

Activity Reporting in myLion
(23 minutes)

Monthly Membership Reporting in myLCI
(15 minutes)

Designating officers for the upcoming year in myLCI
(10 minutes)

Filing your 990-N (e-Postcard) Annual IRS filing
(9 Minutes)