Our Causes

Our Causes

Today, in addition to supporting Special Olympics, Lions Clubs’ fundraising efforts and projects focus on:


Here in Montana, our local clubs focus on collecting and providing eyeglasses and vision screening in schools and underserved communities throughout the state. Lions Gift of Sight is a full-service eye bank that has worked to address needs associated with corneal transplants for over 60 years. In addition, Montana’s District 37 Lions Clubs have provided significant grant funding for Leader Dogs for the Blind, as well as for other programs that assist the blind and visually impaired.

Thanks to referrals by the Deaf and Blind School in Great Falls, we’ve also provided low vision tablets for 100 Montanans with low vision, which now allows them to fully participate in school, at work and at home. We also have collection places for eyeglasses around the state where individuals can donate their unused eyeglasses to be distributed to persons in need worldwide. Collection spots can be found in many optometrist offices, as well as in various private businesses throughout the state.

Click Here for The Do’s and Dont’s of eyeglass recycling! If you don’t want to send eyeglasses by mail, contact your zone or region chair for help delivering.


For nearly 50 years, Lions Clubs International (LCI) has made helping the hearing impaired a top priority. In Montana, our Montana Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation provides eye surgeries and hearing aids to fellow Montanans who demonstrate financial need. Our local initiatives include public awareness campaigns on identifying hearing issues in youth, funding guide dog programs for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, and financial assistance for equipment and surgeries.


Our Lions Clubs International Foundation partners with the World Health Organization to bring diabetes screening and educational programs to communities around the world. Montana Lions are well aware of the diabetes needs across our state and work closely with the American Diabetes Association to refer people who need low-vision equipment or provide referrals to other resources. District 37 Lions Clubs also host summer camps (as part of an endorsed project) where children with diabetes can learn how to manage their disease better.

Childhood Cancers

47 Montana children ages 0-19 are diagnosed with cancer each year. So, Montana Lions make it a priority to support organizations that provide services for diagnosed youth and their families. Our goal is to help enrich the quality of life for those experiencing this incredibly difficult situation.

The Environment

The Montana Lions understand that the Earth’s natural resources and atmosphere are essential for our quality of life and survival. With global climate change, overconsumption, and extractive industries, there is no better time to join us in becoming environmentalists.

Helpful Links

Click here to find out more about and/or make a donation to the Montana Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation.

Click here to visit the Lions Club International website.

community service projects

Endorsed Projects

LCI and LCIF also support Montana District 37 clubs by helping us with the funding and practical assistance we need to complete projects that address specific needs within our communities.

The purpose of the Foundation as stated in the By-Laws is: “Plan, develop, and maintain a unified program by which each and every Lions Club in Montana may participate voluntarily in providing services to sight, hearing and/or speech impaired persons. The Foundation may receive any property, real, personal, or mixed by gift, device, bequest . . . The Foundation will operate exclusively for charitable, educational, literary, or scientific purpose.”

The Foundation is dedicated to providing assistance, through the Lions Clubs of Montana, to Montanans in need of assistance with sight, hearing and/or speech problems.

Florence Crittenton Family Services

Florence Crittenton Family Services is an organization that provides family-centered, trauma-responsive support and services to help young families thrive. Their programs include mental health care services, substance abuse recovery, parenting education, access to community supports, and childcare and preschool.

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Leader Dogs for the Blind

Leader Dogs’ mission is to empower people who are blind or visually impaired with lifelong skills for safe and independent daily travel. The loss of sight can be the beginning of a life changing reality, so the team at Leader Dog provides all services, including dog training, at no cost to their clients.

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vision screening

Lions Club International Foundation

Lions Club International Foundation empowers Lions Clubs, volunteers, and partners to improve health and well-being, strengthen communities, and support those in need through humanitarian services and grants, on an international scale. Their mission is to provide service to improve communities and the greater world.

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Montana Association for the Blind

The Montana Association for the Blind’s central goal is to promote self-sufficiency for blind and visually impaired Montanans. They facilitate education, training, and employment services for those in need. They also promote a positive understanding of blindness and encourage accessibility in everyday life and in all opportunities.

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MSDB Foundation

The Montana School for the Deaf and the Blind (MSDB) Foundation provides funding for academic opportunity and social development for Montana’s deaf children and blind children to better prepare them for independent lives. Our Vision is to lift our students beyond what the world expects.

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eye transplant

Lions Gift of Sight

Lions Gift of Sight is a full-service eye bank that obtains, medically evaluates, and distributes donor eyes for corneal transplants, research, and education. They provide more than 1,000 corneas for transplant and over 1,000 eyes for research every year.

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Diabetes - Now What

Empowering Lives: An Innovative Approach to Diabetes Management. In the ongoing battle against diabetes, a dynamic fusion of knowledge, innovation, and compassion has emerged as a formidable force. SugarBEAT Enterprise proudly presents "Diabetes...Now What?" – a cutting-edge digital diabetes education solution designed to empower individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to effectively manage diabetes and enhance their quality of life. Our mission is to bridge the gap between diagnosis and meeting with care teams, putting the "We" in wellness.

Montana Youth Diabetes

Montana Youth Diabetes Alliance’s mission is to enrich the lives of Montana youth living with Type 1 Diabetes. They provide safe, fun, educational opportunities through summer camps and other events. MYDA also provides financial assistance and resources to families navigating diabetes-related support systems.

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Lions Projects are endorsed only after being vetted, to ensure all donations are being spent wisely, with low administrative overhead. (No Lions member ever receives compensation for serving.) In addition, projects are endorsed only once it’s determined that they will provide high quality services that we can all be proud of.