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Bozeman Area Lions Clubs Receive $125,000 LCIF Grant to benefit HRDC.

BOZEMAN, Mont. — HRDC’s marketplace at the Community Commons is receiving help purchasing eight pieces of new equipment through a huge grant.  The Lions Clubs International Foundation awarded three Bozeman area Lions Clubs a joint grant of more than $125,000.  The new equipment will help gear up HRDC’s Gallatin Valley Food Bank and Fork and Spoon restaurant.  Lions Club members are glad to provide necessary tools for the HRDC.

“What else can we do to help our community to make it more efficient and to save on food that was being thrown away because it couldn’t be stored properly or wasted, and that’s what it makes it so exciting,” said Jeff Cotterell, president of the Bozeman Lions Club.

“We saw a need here with the food bank to enhance their food storage capabilities, and Lions Club International, that’s what we do. We step up with our Lions Club Foundation,” said Brian Gertiser, District 37 governor elect for Lions Clubs International.

Organizers with the HRDC are grateful for the grant and are looking to put their new equipment to use as soon as possible.


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LCI Dues Adjustment Resolution To Be Voted On

Lions Clubs International supports clubs and members around the world so we can advance our global mission of service together. Our international support and the work of Lions Clubs International is fueled by the international dues of our incredible members.

In recent years, it has become increasingly clear that the services Lions Clubs International has been able to provide to members with the available budget is no longer in line with what Lions need and expect.

The International Board of Directors voted in October 2019 to approve an international dues adjustment resolution that would be voted on at the 2020 International Convention, but it was postponed due to the cancellation of our 2020 convention and the move to a virtual convention in 2021 as we adapted to the pandemic. The new dues adjustment model will be voted on at the 2022 International Convention in Montreal.

The Board of Directors undertook an extensive review of Lions Clubs International’s financials, including the implementation of substantial budget reductions. After much consideration, the board proposed to adjust dues $7 over a three-year period.

Under the proposal, international dues would be adjusted according to the following schedule:

  • $3 increase on July 1, 2023
  • $2 increase on July 1, 2024
  • $2 increase on July 1, 2025

We realize the association has been reluctant to adjust dues over the years, and we have not adjusted international dues since 2011. The proposed adjustment will help cover our costs and allow us to suitably serve our members’ needs. With that said, the Board of Directors did not take this issue lightly, nor are we minimizing the value of each dollar that our members contribute.

As we consider this dues adjustment, it is essential that we keep in mind that our global efforts and initiatives support more than 1.4 million members in 50,000 clubs around the world. Through the support of staff, we are able to serve globally on the level that we do, keeping members and clubs fully supported with service resources, training events and software, club operational support, hybrid convention, international meetings, language services, technology, Foundation support, leadership support, and everything else we have come to expect as Lions.

A dues adjustment will allow Lions Clubs International to provide improved support to Lions and to continue to invest in improving programs and digital products such as our website and MyLion. It will also allow us to invest in new programs such as the Learning Management System (LMS), development of new curriculum such as digital literacy, training videos, global advertising, marketing automation, digital and video storytelling and other tools and initiatives that will enhance our impact, our brand, and our membership.

Essentially, we have to decide whether or not we want Lions Clubs International to continue to grow and thrive. Lions is more than a way of life. It’s also an investment of money, time, energy and passion. As with any good investment, the more we put in, the more returns we see.

I hope that you will see this adjustment as we do: as an investment in the future of Lions. Through your support, we can ensure that Lions are positioned for success in the future.

Yours in Service,

Douglas X. Alexander
International President

Lions Clubs International Foundation

Information for Club LCIF Coordinators

Club LCIF Coordinators: Attached is a Club Coordinator Plan Checklist for 2020 which I recently received. I will be conducting a series of Zoom Meetings with 1-3 Zones at a time to review these as well as go over LCIF Grants and the new Lions Legacy Initiative.

Download LCIF Checklist

Thank you for all you do to advance LCIF in District 37.

Yours in Lionism, PDG Lary Garrions, District 37 LCIF Chair

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     During 2019 there were 409 disasters worldwide. In one 24 hour period from October 16th to October 17th 2020 there were 10 earthquakes registering from 4.5 to 5.3 around the world.

     So far this year the United States has been inflicted with 16 natural disasters costing at least $1,000,000,000 (one billion dollars) each!! This is the 6th consecutive year the United States has had at least 10 events costing over $1,000,000,000 (one billion dollars) each!!

     For the past 50+ years “OUR FOUNDATION” has provided over $1,000,000,000 (one billion dollars) in meeting humanitarian needs worldwide. The United States has been the recipient of many grants totaling nearly as much as we have donated. Montana has recived numerous grants and is currently seeking at least one grant at the next Board Meeting in January. If your club is considering a project contact me to see if we can schedule a grant application for consideration. We are allowed 2 active Matching Grants at one time, however there are other grants to consider.

     In the wake of droughts, wild fires, floods, earthquakes, monsoons, huricanes, tornadoes and illnesses the United Nations is warning that the number of people needing humanitarian aid may rise from 108 million people in 2018 to 168 million people by 2030. The needs of the world and OUR FOUNDATION will continue to increase into the forseeable future.

     Tuesday December 1, 2020 is “Giving Tuesday” in the United States. I am encouraging any Lion that donates to a charity this year to go to to make a one time donation or arrange an ongoing donation to the Lions Clubs International Foundation-“YOUR FOUNDATION”. Thank You!

Yours in Lionism,

PDG Lary Garrison, District 37 LCIF Chair    

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Lions Clubs International Foundation Update

A graphic of a storm cloud and lightning.

Every year the world faces more Challenges and for the past 50+ years “Our Lions Clubs International Foundation” has been there to meet them. They very in kind, size and number, however in one way they remain the same–they alter the existence of all living things.

     This year we have faced more challenges than usual, and we still have 3 months left in this year.  But then again isn’t that the way we have felt year after year? Fortunately LCIF has been there to offer relief. Since 1968 LCIF has approved over 13,000 grants for over 1 Billion Dollars.

     In 2007 LCIF was named the #1 non-government organization in the world to partner with by an independent Financial Times Study. In 2019 LCIF received a 4 Star rating (it’s highest) from Charity Navigation for the 8th consecutive year putting it in the top 4% of all non-profits with accountability, responsibility and transparency. You can be confident your donations are being handled at the highest levels of competency.

Those 13,000 grants and the 1 Billion Dollars are a part of LCIF’s legacy, but legacy does not meet today’s or tomorrow’s needs. If you have given in the past I thank you, if you are continuing to give as I do, I thank you. if you have not in the past now is as good a time as any. 1 Billion Dollars did not come from just one donation, it came from thousands of large and small donations from thousands of Lions from every corner of the world. Go to to donate online and learn about other ways to give.

Thank you, Yours in Lionism,

PDG Lary Garrison, LCIF Chair, Dist. 37

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Lions Clubs International Foundation News

Dear Montana Lions,

Another month and YOUR FOUNDATION continues meeting crisises and meeting needed services all around the world. This presently includes the United Stated with forest fires in the west and hurricanes in the south.

I know I am always asking for your support, but, YOUR FOUNDATION does not stop because of the season or a weekend. The Salvation Army is asking for donations, but, how much of what they receive is used for administration fees just for salaries? I do not know, but I do know how much of the donations given to our Foundation goes to administrative costs. NOTHING! 100% of your dollar goes to provide releif to those in need.

Please consider giving to YOUR FOUNDATION to provide relief to those in need now and the needs in the coming months. We have had 3 hurricanes reach landfall and it is not the height of the hurricane season. Fire season has months to go and who knows what else YOUR FOUNDATION will be called upon to provide relief.

Go to and make a donation, even if it is $5. If every Montana Lion donated $5 a month that would be about $8,300 a month or $99,600 a year. We have averaged that in Grants to us for several years, and, there are clubs in Montana with plans to continue providing needed services to our fellow Montanans!

Thank you for your support, PDG Lary Garrison, District 37 LCIF Chair

Lions Clubs International Foundation

2020 USA/Canada Forum Goes Virtual

Now is the time to stay home but still get the benefits of attending the USA/Canada Forum – the premier event for Lions of North America! See the info below and click on the image to go to their web page.

go to

Lions Clubs International Foundation

Lions Clubs International Foundation Update

As of July 17, 2020 LCIF has awarded 333 grants totaling $5,128,692 to Covid-19 frontline relief.

For the 2019-20 year 40 individuals and 19 clubs donated a total of $15,951.66 to LCIF from District 37. It is undeniable that we as individuals and as clubs have had a challenging year, however, there are over 1600 individuals and 69 clubs.

2.4% of our members donated a total of $9,061.66 and 27.5% of our clubs made a donation of $6,890.00 with District 37 donating $1,200 to LCIF in memoriums.

This year we closed the $100,000 grant from LCIF toward the state-of-the-art vision equipment used throughout the state of Montana. We also were granted a $95,000 grant to the Laurel Lions for a handicap accessable dock and walkway at the Lions Park. We also have a proposed grant for handicap swings at the Worden, Montana park to be presented to the BOD in August.

For the past several years we as a District have blessed with hundreds of thousands of dollars to benefit our communities. From Vision Equipment to and Emergency Generator District 37 has been well served by our Foundation at International.

I do not know what you can afford to give, be it $5 or $5,000,000, but I am certain every Lion in Montana can afford to make a donation that fits somewhere between those amounts. As you make your donations this coming year please remember our Foundation at International. 100% of funds are used for humanitarian needs as well as being tax deductable. Donations can be made at, or mailed to LCIF, Dept. 4547 at Carol Stream, Illinois 60122-4547 USA.

Yours in Lionism- Lary

Lions Clubs International Foundation

LCIF Update

Dear Montana Lions,

We have come to the end of another Lionistic year, and what a year it has been. A pandemic that has challenged our clubs in ways we never imagined. A loss of meetings, fundraisers, service projects and our annual convention.

The last report shows that only 46.3% of District 37 Lions Clubs supported the Lions Clubs International Foundation  this Lionistic year. District 37 received over $100,000 from LCIF for the Lions Park in Laurel for a handicap fishing dock and an Emergency Preparedness Grant during this Lionistic year.

There are several grants being worked on from around our district at this time. Is one of them for your community? Why not? We at District 37 and the former MD37 have received over $1,000,000 dollars during the past 50 years.Your Foundation is there for you, not just every other club around the world. At the same time it needs your support to continue to meet humanitarian needs here in Montana as well as around the world.

Visit to donate online and to learn about other ways to give.
Yours in Lionism,

PDG Lary Garrison, LCIF Chair