Why should you join your local Lions Club?

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Join over 1.4 million people in over 200 countries who are actively serving their communities through Lions Clubs International.

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    Lions allows you to effectively serve your community while forming meaningful connections.

    Lions Clubs International (LCI) recognizes that the people who live in a community are in the best position to know who needs help. As a member of your local Lions Club, you will be able to participate in your club’s activities, share your ideas for projects that will enhance your community and meet unmet needs, and rely on the support of your fellow Lions as you serve.

    You’ll also discover not only the reward of serving others, but also the deep satisfaction of creating long-lasting bonds with neighbors who share a desire to serve and give back to the community. And banding together with like-minded people makes it possible to accomplish so much more than any individual can do on their own.

    We have the support of an international organization

    From a practical standpoint, LCI gets things done. Because we are the world’s largest service organization, we have the expertise, training and assistance needed to identify and execute a vast range of community service projects. When we combine that support with the millions of dollars raised annually in partnership with Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), one of the most successful fundraising organizations in the world, the ways you can help others is limited only by your imagination. Not only that, but all Lions Clubs administrative costs are paid solely through dues, which enables us to put 100% of the money raised through our fundraisers directly into community projects.

    LCIF provides generous donations to Lions Clubs in the form of grants for their local community service projects. Find out more about how Lions Clubs began, who we serve, and what we’re doing in communities across the Big Sky State and around the world today.