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DO’s AND DON’T’s of Eyeglass Recycling 

DO’s AND DON’T’s of Eyeglass Recycling 

1. Make Sure Glasses Are Being Recycled From All Sources
Eye Care Centers
Senior Centers
Funeral Businesses

2. If possible, repack glasses donations into a 12 x 12 x 16″ container.

3. Remove these items
All loose lenses
All reader glasses
All hard cases ( soft cases can be reused in shipping)
All broken frames
All standard non-prescription sunglasses

4. Pack glasses loosely and neatly in the boxes
Making the shipment neat helps with the removal for inspection and cleaning.
Repack in a CLEARLY MARKED Bag or box broken frame metal frames for recycle
Add shipping label to the top side of box filled out per instruction.
Website is NWLERC Seattle, WA Northwest Lions Eye Recycling Center

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