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Forsyth Lions Club – Natural Springs Water Project

Our most prominent service project over the years has been maintenance of the natural water springs about 2 miles West of Forsyth. Citizens from Miles City to Billings use the spring water for their household. Over the years the park area has been improved with gravel road access, decorative stairs, and improved access to the water. We also have volunteers who pick up the trash each week, mow the fire pit area, shovel stairs, and otherwise keep the area attractive. The park is owned by the state and the water is sampled and tested regularly as well.
The project benefits youth and adults in Forsyth and the surrounding area by providing natural spring water and a picnic/recreation area. We observe people filling water containers year around. Although difficult to count, an estimate would be that over 300 individuals and families (mostly Rosebud and Treasure County) use the spring water at least once during the year. The area is also used regularly for picnics and bon fires including high school home coming this fall. Recreationists like joggers and bikers stop at the springs for a drink and short rest as well. Overall, we believe the springs and picnic area are used by over 1000 residents and travelers each year.
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