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Pandemic Advice from Our International Director Candidate

Reposted from March 31, 2020

From the Desk of PCC Lion Ben Apeland
Your Montana USA Candidate for International Director

There have been a lot of text messages, emails, and calls inquiring about what Lions can do to help with this pandemic. After giving this some thought and also receiving input from PDG Christine and other Lions from both within the District and some of the surrounding Districts here is what we have come up with.

Let’s take care of our own: By this I mean taking care of the members of our clubs that need our assistance. Seniors in our clubs may need help getting a few essential items. Maybe a member who is in self isolation or quarantine may need something delivered to their home. I am thinking of two Lions who have returned from Nevada and are in self isolation for 14 days, what can my club do to help them? Maybe you have a club member who has mobility issues compounded by this emergency. Contact them to offer some support. Keep the lines of communication open in your club, email, or Zoom meetings, keep connected.

Let’s take care of our Families: Perhaps you have family members in another community. Parents who need help, we could ask a Lions club in their community to help. Other family or friends in need? You can let a local club know you need assistance. This can be done by contacting our District Governor Team. They have the tools and resources to reach out to other Lions Clubs and Districts.

Let’s take care of our communities: Helping facilities in your communities in lock down or other containment situations. Seniors need social connections, especially those who may not have their family or friends near them to visit, but that does not stop a Lions Club from helping. Sponsor an ice cream social at a senior home. We do not have to enter however; this can be organized with the facility staff. Tea or coffee breaks in the homes. Sponsor a movie and popcorn night. Be creative, there are lots of things we can do to help care facilities without entering the buildings. Perhaps someone creative can figure out how to help parents who have young children who are now home due to canceled schools with some sort of safe daycare so they can continue to work. These are just a few ideas that we have come up with. I know that all our Lions are resourceful people. If you have any other great ideas, please share them on our Face Book page montana lions district 37 or the web page

Making Service a Part of Your Life.
Lion Ben

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