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Gallatin Empire Lions Club Sponsors Bozeman Blood Drive

Letter from Thomas Hensley of the American Red Cross to Gary Shanafelt of the Bozeman Gallatin Empire Lions Club:

I wanted to reach out to say thank you and provide yesterday’s blood drive results.  It was a great day for blood collections!  There were 27 scheduled, 2 no-shows, 1 walk-in, 26 presenting, and 25 units collected.  After the Whole Blood separation process (Red Cells, Platelets, and Plasma) is completed, the drive will provide 75 lifesaving products ready for distribution to hospitals on Sunday morning.

Since we started holding the Lions Club blood drives in June of 2020, yesterday’s collections were a new high.  The lifesaving products generated from the drive will be a significant contribution in our battle to meet patient needs.  This is something that you and your team can be very proud of, please share the results and our thanks!

Erica did not mention any concerns form the drive.  However, if you have any feedback from your own experience, your team, or donors that you would like to mention or share, please do so.  Our lifesaving relationship with you and the Gallatin Empire Lions Club Team proves again when we work together, we do make a difference!

Thank you!

Thomas E. Hensley

Account Manager

American Red Cross

Email:  [email protected]

Cell Phone: 406-223-4526

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